Animal Whisper (object)

Affective territory of memories


The dynamic of sound can be comparable to the dynamic of memory in terms of their complexity in relation with what can be recalled, recollected and the reality. If one thinks about the sounds of past experiences, daily life events, voices, music, etc, triggering the potential for the creation of images, sensations and thoughts, there is an all universe to unfold and experiment with.



Lilia Mestre is a Portuguese performing artist living and working in Brussels. In her work

she uses choreographic tools to research the social body. She gives special attention

to the agency of all things and has been working in assemblages, scores and intersubjective

set ups.

She was one of the founding members of Bains Connective Art Laboratory in Brussels

where she took the role of project dramaturge in 2006 and artistic coordinator in 2009.

In there she created the research project ‘ Thematics’ which brings together, twice a

year, several artists in a trans-displinary and collaborative context to reflect on

methodologies and knowledge production. She has been working at a.pass (advanced

performance and scenography studies in Brussels) since 2007, as curator, mentor,

workshop leader and is currently associate program curator. Along with this she has

been a dramaturge for several projects, teaches workshops on choreographic

composition and also mentors in other education institutions as PARTS and Master of

Chorography Amsterdam.


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