On an intercontinental flight, stewards distribute magazines. There’s a crackle above the heads of passengers as the intercom is switched on. An electronic gong sounds, to direct part of everyone’s attention to a message from the cockpit. An art exhibition is announced. “At the tail end of the plane, artists are still busy on the final details. All passengers will be offered a drink, to toast on this world première event. Stewards will indicate the way as soon as the plane can be set in cruise mode.”

Economy class: no leg space. Everybody is trying to imagine the crowd, elbowing each other to see the art works. Some imaginations get stuck at the queue along the rows of seats. As if everybody decided to go to the bathroom at the same time… Or will art lovers be called in turn for their free appointment at the in-flight-museum?

Michiel is a maker and interpretor in the field of performing arts. After graduating in Mathematics,he studied dance at SEAD. He has worked for artists  Sarah Manente, Marcos Simoes, Aitana Cordero, Eleanor Bauer… He has made and performed his own work mixing dance, performance and lecturing… He was a core member of Echo.Base, an experiment at setting up an Antwerp arts & research platform. In Echo.Base he investigated new ways to perform the institution and let the public and the artist get in touch with each others process.

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