Don’t Eat The Microphone is a practice created for and together with the patients of a psychiatric hospital and is now moving into the Pharmakon – Whitch Culture? conference. The practice was born from the urgency to build a space out of the experience of time. In this space, where time seemed to always break our efficient legs, discontinuous ways of relating took place. Interaction, proposition, participation, composition, gathering, conversation, translation, mimicry, representation and voicing could only happen if allowing a dynamic of creation and collapse.


Since March 2014 Veridiana Zurita has been working in collaboration with the psychoanalyst Petra Van Dyick in order to create a space that hosts the logic of people living in the psychiatric hospital Dr. Gusilain in Ghent. To HOST the other’s logic they had to UNDO their own and vice versa. “The mutuality of effects in the work became clear when pathologizing them (patients) as the psychotics meant to auto-pathologize us (artist and psychoanalyst) as the neurotics.” Normality became a matter of perspective.


Within Pharmakon – Witch Culture? Don’t Eat the Microphone tests its apparatus in a total other context than before. The practice is borrowed as a machine in order to digest the knowledge being produced during the three days of conference. Don’t Eat The Microphone is a digestive room where receiving and processing knowledge can happen in a performative way. This digestive system allows us to see when communicating and sharing knowledge can be at the same time poisonous and medicinal. It allows us to experiment ways of sharing as a measurement of precision, overload, gaps, silences and polyphonies of communication.


The room is full of tools for you to perform ways of (mis)understanding. Be it by chatting, or writing on the wall, or singing a song that reminds you of a thought, or searching for a link to be shared with someone that is not there yet, or just by sitting and observing how the crowed moves ideas. The room is ours as soon you activate its tools. The room digests as soon as you give food for thought and action, even if that is being in silence.





Veridiana Zurita (São Paulo, BR – 1982) is an artist working and living in Brussels, Belgium. Within performance, video and text she focuses on the creation of work, as the one of exercising dynamics of relation between self and other. Through language, physicality and image as constitutive elements for identifying oneself, she focuses the work on creating distances and approximations among these structures as possibilities of voicing.

After graduating in Communication on the Body Arts (São Paulo – BR), Veridiana moved to Europe for a master in fine arts at DAI – Dutch Art Institute (NL), followed by a post-master on artistic research at a.pass (Brussels – BE).

Veridiana is now (2014 – 2015) working as an associate researcher at the research centre of a.pass where she develops the transnational project TV-TV in collaboration with the psychiatric hospital Guislain (Ghent-BE), Working Space Brussels (BE) and the artistic residency casa do rio (Amazonas – BR).
Petra Van Dyck is a psychoanalyst living and working in Ghent. Her parcour is a bricolage of very different ingredients: From working as a car mechanic to teaching mathematics, from studying biology and working as a geologist to lately a bit of philosophy, from working behind the theatre scene to taking fragile steps into painting, from sculpting to working as a psychoanalyst. Her trajectory has been always experienced as a tension between physical and mental searches, between technic and theory, between hands on and reflection. The balance between these tensions was never a worry, quite on the contrary, her work is driven by the complexity that such transdisciplinar background can create.

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