FELDENKRAIS / Nevenka Koprivsek

Rearticulating the potentials of change?


Power of imagination/mind, potential of change, transformation, personal or societal, has somehow always been in the field of my interest. By bringing fine and focused attention to the small details of how we move, stand, sit, breath, or even feel, can already make a change in our perception. Playing around, slowing down, paying attention, experimenting, re-connecting inside –out can give us full range of new options which can be integrated into bigger picture and action. Action with possibly less force and effort, more care, more empathy and joy.

Nevenka Koprivšek

BIO – Actor, Director, Curator

Nevenka Koprivšek has studied at Ecole Jacques Lecoq (1981-83) and first worked as actress, than theatre director and later on as artistic director. After 8 years of running small experimental venue in Ljubljana (Glej Theatre) she has founded BUNKER in 1997, a small production center and since then has acted as the company’s director. One of Bunker’s major annual events is the MLADI LEVI international festival of performing arts, renowned for its demanding creative orientation, artistic excellence, and expertise in discovering new talent.

In 2004, Bunker won the public tender to transform STARA ELEKTRARA, an old power plant into performing arts centre. Since 2004 Bunker is in charge of its program, where most challenging local and international theatre or dance projects find its home.


In 2009 Nevenka Koprivšek became certified Feldenkrais teacher and practitioner. (Paris 11) with Myriam Pfeffer and Paul Newten, later also continued advanced training with jeremy Krauss,including his JKA with special needs children.

She is giving Feldenkrais group classes (ATM-awareness through movement) and individual lessons (FI-functional integration) and various thematic workshops. Since then she is integrating the approach into her work as well as everyday life and continuous learning process..

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