SPINOZA LECTOR / Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

Spinoza Lector: On What Reading The Ethics Out Loud Brings to and Takes from the Text, §16 The Swerve of Freedom After Spinoza‘. A 24-hour reading of a 24-hour reading of Spinoza’s Ethics.

In July this year Spinoza’s Ethics was read out loud over a period of 24 hours at n Raum gallery Berlin. That reading has been transcribed, including all discussion, questions, digressions, misreadings, and chance remarks – and of course the full text of Spinoza’s Ethics – and the intention now is to read that transcription over 24 hours, and to produce another text inclusive of every marginal comment and dangerous supplement added in doing so. All the logoi. Thus is a bastard version of the Ethics produced, and an alternative economy of the book proposed. A gathering of reading notes can be found at http://www.jvea.org/spinoza-lector/.

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