TANTRA MAGICS/Elke Van Campenhout

WORKSHOP: The Redistribution of Desire

Kaaitheater Studio’s (Penthouse)

Morning Sessions:

Fri 28 @ 11.30

Sat 29 @ 12.00

Sun 30 @ 12.00

Tantra is an ancient meditational body practice, that is usually performed with 2 or more people. As one of the only spiritual traditions, Tantra recognizes the body, and especially the ‘lower’ functions of the body as essential pathways for transformation and transition. Sexuality, but also fear, hunger, death and decay, are starting points for breaking the downward spiral of self-repression and control.

For the Pharmakon conference we go deeper into Tantra’s transformative power, in using it to rethink the economics of desire in today’s society, often immediately channeled towards exclusivity (through ‘romantic’ love), possessiveness (the ‘unique’ object) and aggression. We use Tantric principles to create a transindividual body through which desire can move freely, avoiding the pitfalls of need and dependence.

In the morning Tantra sessions we work mostly in group, on the redistribution of desire: we use our desirous energies to create an ecstatic shared body experience, through breathing, sound and movement.

Please bring a wrap-around shawl, and wear comfortable clothes.

Night Sessions

Fri @ 0.00 (together with the concert by Eric Thielemans)

Sat @ 0.00

During the night time, we go into a more experimental mode. On Friday the Tantra infiltrates Eric Thielemans’ concert, by adding little notes for re-perception to the recipe. On Saturday we go for a more in-depth and intimate exercise by working on 4-handed massage.

We work in small groups, undress is optional. Please bring a wrap-around shawl, a big towel, and if you want, your preferred massage oil.

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