Investigation on desire. Flora Pilet

This investigation is an existentiel jourimage rhizomeney around the construction of desire. It concerns me in a particular way but it also concerns each one of us as human beings expanding desires, who are able to make agency with them, to live them, to make them existing. It starts from a troubling realisation about this notion of desire which today ever more violently collide with the possiblity of its realisation in a economic, political and social context where the word desire is all to often associtated with spontaneity, consumption and the each-for-one-self.

So desire what was it ?  this simple question, asked by Claire Parnet to Gilles Deleuze in the Abecedaire, resound today with a singular force. On the hand, she asked him in past tense, as desire doesn’t exist any more, and on the other hand since many years now, Bernard Stiegler speaks about crisis of desire . However Raoul Vaneigheim remind us that  being human is refining desires untill creating a world that excausts that desire. That which has been transformed by work today deserves to be radically changed by creation. 

So, taking back Rouch et Morin’s question in Chroniques d’un été, how do we manage with life ?  and what, in the nature of these desires, can give a new form to what we call culture, without knowing exactly what that notion of culture is ? How can desires form a new landscape for being together ? What moves us ?What haunts us ? What are we made of ? What images, sounds, thoughts come to your mind, when you take space and time to let the word desire resonnate for yourself ?



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