THE POLITICAL PARTY /// Library /// Antithesis – Michiel Vandevelde


What other social, political, economic paradigms can we develop to challenge the existing ruling ones?

Since 2012, a new political party is slowly in the making. At this point the party doesn’t exist yet. It remains on territories distinct from the world of actual politics. One day the party will exist in one form or another. It will be on a day when time and its finality manifests itself: somewhere around the second half of the 21st century.

In Mai 2014 the first vision of the party was published and distributed throughout Europe. During the residency at Bains Connective and the 72 hours conference this first vision will be challenged. The next a phase will be prepared: a second newspaper with 10 writers/philosophers/artists/ people reacting to the first vision text.



A library where people can lend (non-fiction) books, and where one is invited to discuss (actual) politics. The library will be accessible during the 72hours performative conference at Kaaistudios.


Antithesis (work-in-progress)

How can we create other cultures of image making? Which are the possible or impossible futures of the image?

Antithesis is a quest for new cultures of image making. The project wants to cannibalize the current western culture of image making. This gesture: to devour and to digest a certain culture inevitably creates a transformation of that culture.

This is a work-in-progress. Via trial and error I want to work with the notion of reappropriation and construct new dances starting from the vocabulary being used in popular video clips.






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